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Executive Director, Seattle, WA

Project Access Northwest

Executive Director

Seattle, WA

April 13, 2017

Under the general direction of the Board of Directors, the ED oversees and directs all aspects of PANW, ensuring that the delivery of services is consistent with the organization’s values. S/he leads and directs the administration of operational programs ensuring PANW achieves the financial, quality and operational goals established by the Board of Directors and consistent with contractual funding requirements. Specific responsibilities include the following:

  1. Board Relations
    1. Partner with the Board of Directors to ensure effectiveness in meeting the mission and purpose of PANW.
    2. Develop and recommend to the Board strategies and policy positions where PANW can improve the capacity for access to specialty care services to underserved members of counties currently served- King, Kitsap, and Snohomish.
    3. Provide comprehensive and accurate information to the Board to be used in decision-making and policy matters.
    4. Assist with the identification of potential Board Members, as needed.
    5. Attend all Board and Committee meetings as required.
  2. Strategic Planning and Development
    1. Participate with the Board and executive staff in the development of long-term and strategic plans, objectives, and policies for the organization.
    2. Assume primary responsibility for assuring that specific programmatic planning and development activities are integrated into the broader strategic plan
    3. Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with other organizations, including maintaining connections with public policy-makers at federal, state and local government levels.
    4. Establish and maintain liaisons and working relationships with existing and potential new funding sources. Employ creative, collaborative approach to secure funding for operations and programs.
    5. Complete annual operating plans to facilitate the achievement of goals established in PANW’s short and long term strategic plans.
    6. Negotiate and oversee development and management of grants, contracts and leases.
  3. Public Relations and External Communications
    1. Serve as the primary spokesperson for the organization on behalf of clients served by PANW.
    2. Oversee all legislative strategy, communication and marketing plan for the organization.
    3. Encourage the continued integration of PANW with the broader social services community by implementing and maintaining an effective communication strategy.
    4. Generate community involvement through auxiliary, volunteer, and staff programs.
    5. Speak before community and business groups about healthcare issues and specifically access to healthcare needs as they relate to the clients served by PANW.
  4. Administrative, Financial, and Risk Management
    1. Oversee the administration of the organization to ensure that goals and financial objectives are met and that staff work plans are consistent with those goals and objectives.
    2. Oversee the annual budgeting process and provide regular and timely financial reporting. Maintain adequate financial reserves for PANW in coordination with Board and strategic planning targets.
    3. Monitor and manage overall agency operations including the establishment of and ongoing review of written operational policies.
    4. Regularly identify, manage, review and report potential organizational risks to the Board, focusing on the establishment of plans and contingencies to minimize risk. e.g. health and safety of workers, catastrophic loss from fire or civil disaster, corporate compliance, fraud
    5. Coordinate the annual audit process.
    6. Establish formal responsibilities and accountabilities of all members of the leadership team and provide feedback and development, as needed.
    7. On a periodic basis, evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative structure; recommend changes as appropriate.
  5. Personnel Management
    1. Build, lead and sustain a highly effective leadership team.
    2. Evaluate and update leadership staff job descriptions and work standards.
    3. Recruit, interview and select candidates for positions supervised and integrate succession planning for PANW, as appropriate.
    4. Lead and attend management meetings to direct and plan for achievement of goals.
  6. Other duties as appropriate.


  • 7+ years experience in progressive executive leadership positions in social services organizations of similar size or larger
  • Bachelors degree in business or related field
  • Experience with and/or understanding of the issues facing the healthcare arena and the capacity to adapt to the ever- changing landscape locally and nationally
  • Demonstrated experience and passion for working with culturally, socio-economically, and ethnically diverse populations; this includes clients, staff, and volunteers
  • Proven capacity as a strong financial/fiscal manager committed to achieving financial goals which contribute to a healthy organization
  • Demonstrated achievements in the development of creative and collaborative partnerships with funders and other community partners
  • Highly skilled communicator who will effectively engage with diverse audiences, including the Board, Staff, Volunteers, Community and Political leaders
  • An effective team builder, who will invest in and develop a strong leadership team
  • Visionary leader capable of developing organizational goals and collaborating with community partners to deliver services across a broad geographical reach
  • Ability to present proposals to diverse groups, gain consensus, and lead partners to new, desired outcomes
  • Prior experience writing and managing contracts and grants, including the monitoring and reporting requirements to grantors
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to technology and its utilization in many forms for the greatest outcome to PANW clients


  • MA/MS, Health Administration, Non-Profit Management, Business Administration or related area
  • Understanding of, and familiarity with, public policy and public policy makers related to the delivery of services PANW offers


LuAnn Carlson, Senior Partner
Corporate Strategies & Development, LLC
Phone (425) 828-0128

MaryEllen Walton, Director, Administration & Communication

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