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Valley Children’s Eases Hospital Experience for Children with Autism Prinzing, Monica  
UCLA’s IMG Program: Breaking the Language Barrier to Primary Care Haile, Nora  
UCLA Health System Opens LEED Gold Outpatient Surgery & Medical Building Haile, Nora  
U.S. Office for Civil Rights Announces $400 Million Settlement Against Large Health System Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Two Executives Meeting in Office Preparing in Advance for an Executive Exit Whiteside, Don  
Transforming a Healthcare Organization in Transition: The Interim CEO’s Role Haskins, Sandy  
Torrance Memorial Medical Center uses Secure Text Messaging to Optimize Workflow, Coordinate Care Haile, Nora  
Torrance Memorial Medical Center to Meet Community’s Future Health Care Needs with New Patient Tower Leach, Craig  
To Win the War for Healthcare Talent, Call for Reinforcements Seedig, Landry  
To Merge or Not to Merge: How to Prepare for this Decision Wales, CFA, Harman Hurst,  Roberta
Time to Take Your Medicine
Text Message Reminders Help People Take Their Prescriptions on Time
Solow, MD, FAAFP, Brian K.  
Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock! Yount, Rachel Kelly,  Jade
There is Still a Need for Recuperative Care Programs Bruno, Kelly  
The White Glove Treatment at Children’s Hospital Central California Bryant, Shawna  
The Upside to Broken Garner, Craig