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Why Your Hospital Needs a Pediatric Palliative Care Program Bryant, Shawna  
Overtime Changes are Coming: Will You be Ready? Burras, Taylor  
Health Care Reform: New IRS Guidance on W-2 Reporting of Health Care Coverage Bye, Howard Lennon,  Erin
Federal Healthcare Reform Begins for Health Plans Bye, Howard Lennon,  Erin
Enhancing the Patient Experience Through the Built Environment Cahnman, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, Sheila  
Free Child Care Equals Regular Health Care for Low Income Mothers at Molina Calderon, Gloria  
Applying the Efficiency Wage Theorem to Healthcare Contracts Campbell, Kaycea  
A Smile Makes all the Difference Campbell, DDS, David  
Relieving Severe Symptoms & Providing Better Patient Outcomes through Palliative Care Carr, NP, Connie  
The Changing Role of Advanced Practice Nurses Carter, Kelly  
Change on Too Fast of Track? Cathon, Douglas  
Improving Doctorsí Schedules for Better Throughput and Access Cech, Bonnie  
Molina Healthcare Cares for Community at Annual Event Thousands Receive Needed Care Chambers, Richard  
Study Shows Care Management for Low-Income Adults Reduces Inappropriate ED Utilization Chen, MHS, Charlene  
Ransomware Attack on California Hospital Puts Providers on Alert for New Threats to Health Information Cohen, Samuel C. Manning,  Alex