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Retaliation Claims and Potential Claimants May Increase Litigation in the Medical Field Feider, Darren, A.  
Relieving Severe Symptoms & Providing Better Patient Outcomes through Palliative Care Carr, NP, Connie  
Regulatory Recap: 2015 Medicare Update Storey, CPA, Cheryl Holden  Paul
Regression in Senior Leaders: Positional Power as a Last Resort Riddle, Ph.D., Douglas  
Regional Medical Center of San Jose Expands Capacity for Care Haile, Nora  
Redlands Community Hospital Opens Expanded Unit for Medical & Surgical Care Haile, Nora  
Recruiting and Employing Foreign Nationals in Health Care Settings, Key Issues and Best Practices Cooper, Esq., Richard S. Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq.,  Isabelle
Ransomware Attack on California Hospital Puts Providers on Alert for New Threats to Health Information Cohen, Samuel C. Manning,  Alex
RAC Attack: How Can Hospitals Guard Against Medicare Reimbursement Loss? Lewis, Richard  
Providence Nursing Institute: Advancing Nurses, Advancing Patient Care Haile, Nora  
Protecting Patient Data in the Cloud: Understanding New HIPAA Compliance Requirements Kradjan, Chris Villanueva,  Kevin
Protecting Children Against Concussions Lebby, PhD, FNAN, Paul C.  
Prospective versus Retrospective Bundled Payments: Looking ahead, not looking back Ross, MPH, MBA, Olivia  
Proposed New Rule to Benefit Healthcare Employees (among others) on Temporary Visas and in Employment-Based Green Card Process Paget, Joel H. Mavunkel  Marsha
Professional Paradise: Oxymoron or Healthcare Imperative? Hess, RN, MS, CSP, Vicki