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Virtual Mock-Ups Streamline the Lean 3P Process

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While Lean design--particularly Lean Production Preparation Process (Lean 3P)--is quickly becoming de riguer on healthcare design projects, even the 3P process itself is subject to streamlining with technological advances. By using 3-D computer models to simulate not only the look of the project but the actual flow of a space, designers can predict the necessity--and occasionally counsel against--the expensive, built mock ups of the past. In addition to saving the cost of building mock ups, the virtual 3-D model that allows for a virtual walk-through of a space can be done in a fraction of the time. In fact, the 3-D model can be drawn, tested, and turned into preliminary design documents in one short meeting. With a truly lean process--when all the players are in one room, making design decisions in real time to create a model that is the basis for the actual construction documents--the 3-D model saves not just administrative and project expense, but the time, resources, and talent of those involved.

One of the appeals of doing a virtual mock-up is the overall convenience; essentially, a design firm is bringing the office to you. Even with a narrow or vague idea of what a project looks like, by the end of a meeting, a model with spatial distance and isometric angles can be complete.

Valmonte, EDAC, Mary, C.




April 18, 2011

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