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Healthcare Management Gains Ground with GIS Services

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In the healthcare field, we all use a number of different tools to assist us in effective management of our current facilities and sound strategy for future development and growth. We manage using dashboards, spreadsheets, charts, trends, and management reports, among many others. Working with C-level healthcare executives and administrators, we get to see first hand how disparate and disconnected these tools can become, making management less a visual tool and more an “in the numbers” process.

Geographic Information System (GIS) was created to aid the leader, strategist, manager, and planner, with effective and visual decision making tools. Collating virtually infinite types of data sets and statistics – like demographics, geographics, zoning and infrastructure, and utilities – GIS can produce maps and reports that visually display pertinent and timely information.

Roe, Gareth

Lunde, Derek



November 11, 2010

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