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The Benefits of Memory Care Tools

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In collaboration with Hoag Hospital, Alzheimer’s Family Services Center, affiliated with the Hoag Neurosciences Institute, developed the Memory Care Tools (MCT) – a creative, activity-based approach to improving care of hospitalized patients with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. Nurses are encouraged to use the Memory Care Tools, which include a teddy bear, a squeeze ball, hand towels for folding, and music, to alleviate challenging behaviors before resorting to psychotropic medications or physical restraints. Offering both comfort and purposeful activity, the Memory Care Tools can lessen difficult-to-manage behaviors, such as repeated questioning, resistance to care, agitation, and wandering. In a 2008 pilot study, the tools proved effective at reducing agitated behaviors in dementia patients and preventing or delaying the use of physical restraints and/or a one-on-on sitter. As a result, Hoag Hospital adopted the MCT as a standard of care.

Dick-Muehlke, PhD, Cordula


Alzheimer’s Family Services Center


August 9, 2011

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