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Bringing Healthcare to the Neighborhood

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Mothers gather to talk about fashion, food and formula. Their young children color and read in Dr. Cleo’s Corner. Seniors sit while taking a break from walking in the air conditioned mall. And, a middle aged man talks with staff about healthcare access and options. This scene happens every day at the Molina Healthcare Information Center. So why locate a resource center in a mall?

Located in the Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino, the Center’s unique setting is comfortable, inviting and non-threatening. Here, visitors can receive health education and information in their own backyard. The idea to provide health insurance information in a mall is not new-- other more traditional health Insurers have done this for their commercial insurance and to sell to Medicare members. But Molina Healthcare’s Information Center is different.

Rubino, Lisa


Molina Healthcare of California

Customer Service

August 9, 2011

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