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Stanford Hospital & Clinics Risk Consulting Announces 2012 California Large Loss Study

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Medical malpractice claims, resolutions and verdicts continue to be a major focus of healthcare across the nation, and even more so in California. Understanding the reasons why malpractice claims occur, and the appropriate ways to respond to such, have been the subject of many articles and presentations.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics Risk Consulting (SRC) is very pleased to announce that it will sponsor and continue the California Large Loss Trend Study, which has been authored and published annually since 1975 by Ron Neupauer, retired President of Medical Underwriters of California, the management company for Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC), a physician-owned professional liability insurer. The California Large Loss Trend Study, now in its 39th year of publication, provides an overview of reported large value ($1 Million Dollars or more) resolutions throughout the state. The Study details some of the common elements of large resolutions, including the more typical issues that give rise to significant medical malpractice claims, as well as the most common specialties that tend to attract medical malpractice litigation.

Neupauer, Rob


Medical Underwriters of California

Malpractice Claim Studies

June 18, 2012

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