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Torrance Memorial Medical Center uses Secure Text Messaging to Optimize Workflow, Coordinate Care

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Youíre running late so you text a heads-up to the person youíre meeting. Your project team texts constantly and keeps the instant messaging system chiming with exchanges. Itís only natural that doctors and medical staff want the same convenience and immediacy to coordinate patient care. The issue? Risk to privacy and security of patient personal health information (PHI).

As covered entities, hospitals are under scrutiny to assure compliance with HIPAA and HITECH Rule requirements. Yet the tried-and-true pager is antiquated and non-conducive to optimal workflow in a busy hospital, and the inevitability of mobile device use is apparent to all. Health and Human Services (HHS) has recently rolled out a mobile education initiative to help physicians and healthcare organizations reduce risk and protect patient PHI when using mobile devices.

Haile, Nora


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April 8, 2013

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