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Saving Private Healthcare Insurance

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Implementation of Healthcare Reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in full swing. Significant changes to our Healthcare system have already been implemented to both the tax financed systems of Medicare and Medicaid as well as the privately financed systems of Private Healthcare Insurance purchased individually and through employer sponsored plans. Many more significant changes will take place as the ACA is fully implemented at the state and federal levels. These changes collectively represent the biggest changes to our U.S. Healthcare System since passage of the Social Security Amendments of 1965 which created the Medicare and Medicaid programs. There is no doubt that the ACA will bring big changes to our healthcare system, the most important question is: what will the results be once the ACA is fully implemented? On this question, there is little agreement.

Snodgrass, CLU, ChFC, David


Healthcare Management Administrators

Self-Funded Benefits

April 8, 2013

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