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Teaching Managers to be Leaders: A Practical, Hands-on Approach

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The leadership behaviors of an organizationís management have a profound impact on business outcomes. In healthcare Ė as in all industries Ė leadersí skills affect employee engagement, which influences productivity and impacts the bottom line. Because leadership behaviors can be measured and improved, organizations can increase employee engagement and impact productivity by investing in leadership skill development at all levels of the organization.

In a hospital setting, leadership behavior also impacts the quality of care delivery. Because of the undisputed relationship between leadership behavior and employee engagement, hospitals following best practices in healthcare delivery systems emphasize the development of leadership skills, including self-management and communications proficiency. Investment in the development of these core skills affects a managerís ability to lead effectively on a daily basis toward achieving an organizationís goals.

Uday-Riley, MSW, CPT, Marcey


IRI Consultants


June 3, 2013

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