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Is Your Revenue Cycle Prepared for Coverage Expansion?

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Healthcare reform is driving far-reaching change across the healthcare industry, and providers will need to transform many of their operations in order to adapt to, and benefit from, these changes. One of the key components of healthcare reform is expanding insurance coverage to millions of Americans through low-cost insurance options on the health insurance exchanges and through Medicaid expansion.

The provider revenue cycle needs to be well-prepared in order to capitalize on these new sources of coverage for patient services. Many uninsured patients may not be aware that there are new coverage options that they now qualify for and are able to afford. Itís critical that revenue cycle staff is well-trained and equipped to help patients navigate through the new programs. By not doing so, providers stand to lose revenue from insurance for services that would otherwise be provided for free.

Taylor, Meg

Hayward, Lindsay

ACME Business Consulting

Revenue Cycle

August 7, 2013

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