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Securing Good Options for the Seniors of Tomorrow Through Excellence in Direction

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Baby Boomers are joining the ranks of “seniors” at the same pace as the number of options available for everything, from home technology to living environments and more. These new generations of over 65’s are healthier and much more focused on health than the generation before. They also have technology to rely on and information is found instantly with the internet opening the world to all of us 24/7.

However, at no time has it been more important to gain the guidance and direction from experts than it is now. Many of us over 65 are diagnosing ourselves before we even visit a physician; we research all the options for insurance plans ad nauseam. We search the internet for experts to guide us and become more confused because everyone and every site say they are the “expert.”

Fodrini-Johnson, Linda


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November 4, 2013

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