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Finding Executive Talent for Rural Healthcare Providers

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The following scenario is one that any rural healthcare provider dreads, but is crucial for the organization to carefully consider as it plans for the future:

The CEO resigns. He has been with the hospital for many years. The governing board of directors is taken by surprise at the resignation. It was so comfortable with the CEO that it never planned for new leadership. Simply put, there is no succession plan.

With the departure of a CEO or other C-suite executive, an organization faces difficult challenges to find top talent to replace them.

Rural healthcare organizations have their own set of issues when seeking executive talent. It is important to find the right fit which means finding someone who will align both personally and professionally with the organization and the community. The process begins with an honest evaluation of what it means to be a healthcare executive in a rural setting.

Whiteside, Don

Haskins, Sandy

HFS Consultants

Interim Executive

February 4, 2015

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