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The Behavioral Health Provider: Your New BFF

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Even though some executives disagree with the Accountable Care Act (ACA) on principle, it is likely here to stay, in one form or another. One of the prevailing arguments against it is the high initial cost associated with the law. Yes, the ACA may carry some costs to you and your employees in the early stages, but if crafted with a long-term vision in mind, the ACA can reduce personal and business-related expenses in significant ways.

While historically, a plan's behavioral health component has been relegated largely to the sidelines, behavioral health has increasingly emerged as a vital and essential aspect of employee wellness. A well-designed health plan today features various appropriate behavioral health services, not just for the care offered to employees, but also for the protection of the employer's bottom line. Let's just say, then, that a well-developed behavioral health plan (or provider), may be your new BFF, i.e. Best Friend Forever.

Stone, Ph.D., David R.


Sound Mental Health

Behavioral Health

June 17, 2015

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