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How Deal-Makers Are Capitalizing on Health Care Analytics

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It’s an active time for investments in the health care sector, despite an uncertain and ever-changing landscape. Investors are becoming more selective, which means stakeholders must balance their need for speed to market with informed, subjective decisions. Health care investors who rely on traditional approaches for conducting due diligence may be leaving opportunities on the table and putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage, but thanks to new approaches like investment-grade health care analytics, investors can now understand the true value of a health care investment.

The information available for health sector opportunities is fairly consistent but sometimes elusive. For example, it’s important to understand provider alignment as well as referral network patterns and strength to fully appreciate an organization’s true competitive position, market opportunity, and provider and customer loyalty. Some of the recent and emerging changes in health care make it more difficult to have the right information for sound investment decisions.

Rebay, Karl

McDonald, Jeff

Moss Adams

Mergers & Acquisitions

August 16, 2017

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