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A Smile Makes all the Difference

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When it comes from human resources, this saying works to encourage staff to present a friendly face. When it comes to healthcare, this saying shows just how vital dental care can be for those whose anterior dentition is jeopardized. The state of California has not provided restorative dental care for most of their welfare recipients for five years now. Those who have relied on the state are just beginning to experience very difficult choices, as the state dental plan only provides for the extraction of their deeply infected teeth. When those choices are necessary on front teeth, there are often desperate efforts necessary to maintain a joyful smile. The Los Angeles Christian Health Centerís Joshua House combines a grant from LA Care with FQHC resources to provide basic rudimentary replacement dentures for the homeless who have the least resources in the skid row district of downtown Los Angeles.

Campbell, DDS, David


Los Angeles Christian Health Center

Dental Care

August 7, 2012

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